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    Dec 30, 2015

    Man charged for throwing cat from Yishun HDB block

    A 40-YEAR-OLD man who allegedly threw a cat to its death from the 13th floor of an HDB block in Yishun was yesterday charged with a count of animal cruelty.

    Lee Wai Leong, who was brought to court from remand, appeared calm and did not enter a plea.

    He allegedly threw an adult male Mackerel Tabby domestic shorthair cat over the parapet of the 13th floor of Block 115B Yishun Ring Road at about 10.30am on Oct 30.

    Lee is the first person to be hauled to court under the new Animals and Birds Act, which was amended last year to toughen penalties against those convicted of animal cruelty.

    District Judge Janet Wang granted the prosecution's request to remand Lee for two weeks for psychiatric assessment at the Institute of Mental Health.

    His case will be mentioned in court again on Jan 12.

    Over the past three months, 19 cats - mostly strays - have been found dead or seriously injured in Yishun. Only two survived.

    The maximum penalty for doing an act which causes unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal is 18 months' jail and a $15,000 fine for a first conviction. The maximum penalty for subsequent convictions is three years' jail and a $30,000 fine.