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Man brutally murdered in Pandan Loop

AT THE SCENE: Mr Suresh's body was found by a Malaysian worker on Saturday night. The bloodstains mark the spot where he fell.


    Aug 25, 2014

    Man brutally murdered in Pandan Loop

    A YOUNG technician in his 20s was brutally murdered outside a factory in Pandan Loop on Saturday night.

    His skull was cracked, with his neck and face injured, and his left arm twisted, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday. Bloodstains marked the spot on the road where he fell near the factory he worked in, and blood was splattered on a white wall beside the murder scene.

    At about 10.30pm on Saturday, Suresh Kumar's body was found about 100m from Poly NDT.

    His supervisor, Kumar, told Shin Min that Mr Suresh called him at 9.52pm, less than an hour before his body was discovered.

    "He asked me when I was coming back. When I said I could be out till midnight, he said he would step out to eat dinner first," Mr Kumar said.

    Less than half an hour later, a Malaysian worker found Mr Suresh's body and reported the matter to the police.

    It is understood that he was found face down on the road, and could have been attacked from behind.

    Paramedics pronounced him dead at about 10.50pm.

    The police have classified the case as murder. Investigations are ongoing.

    Why Mr Suresh was attacked is a mystery as his valuables were not taken. He did not appear to have any enemies.

    Colleagues said that he was a quiet, hard working person, but were puzzled that he was at the office at that time as they work only half a day on Saturdays.

    He had worked here for seven years, and recently returned to India to attend his brother's wedding. He came back to Singapore this month.

    His parents live in India and are teachers.

    Mr Suresh's company said it will pay for his funeral rites, and will compensate his family, Shin Min said.