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Man in 127 Hours drama held on domestic-violence rap

ACCUSED: Aron Ralston - an outdoorsman who amputated his own forearm in a mishap - faces one count of assault and one count of "wrongs to minors".


    Dec 10, 2013

    Man in 127 Hours drama held on domestic-violence rap


    ARON Ralston - whose harrowing tale of amputating his own forearm after he was trapped in a Utah canyon became a best-selling book and later a Hollywood film - was jailed in Denver on suspicion of domestic violence, court records released on Sunday showed.

    Ralston, 38, was arrested on Saturday night and was being held in the Denver County jail, where he faces one count of assault and one count of "wrongs to minors", according to jail records.

    He was arrested alongside a woman - Vita Shannon, 38 - at her residence, The Denver Post reported.

    He married Jessica Trusty in 2009, and they had a son, Leo, in 2010. Ralston previously said a vision of his future child helped him decide to cut off his own hand.

    A Denver Police Department spokesman told Reuters that she could not provide details of the incident.

    It was not immediately clear if Ralston had retained an attorney. He made headlines in 2003 when he amputated his right forearm with a pocketknife to free himself, after a boulder dislodged and trapped him inside a Utah canyon.

    Ralston, an experienced outdoorsman, was canyoning alone in the remote canyon when the accident occurred.

    He wrote a bestseller about his ordeal, Between A Rock And A Hard Place. In 2010, the story was made into a movie, 127 Hours, starring James Franco. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

    Ralston, who is a motivational speaker, has reportedly raked in an estimated US$4 million (S$5 million) in speaking fees and royalties from the book and movie.

    He was scheduled to appear in court yesterday afternoon.

    In suspected domestic-violence cases, a defendant cannot be granted bail before appearing before a judge.