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    Apr 18, 2014

    Maid dies trying to climb back into home

    SHE had locked herself out of her employer's apartment when she took out the garbage.

    Panicking, because she was midway through preparing dinner, she went to a neighbour's unit and asked to be let in.

    She then tried climbing back into her employer's apartment from there. The flats are on the fifth storey.

    Ms Mila, 29, did not make it. The domestic helper fell to her death at about 5.40pm on Wednesday at the Stadia condominium in Yio Chu Kang Road.

    Mr Y. K. Choo, 47, who works in sales, told The New Paper that the Filipina had worked for his parents for three years.

    The elderly couple were not at home when it happened.

    He said: "We didn't know what had happened until I reached (the scene) at around 6pm. I saw the police tents and later heard someone mention my parents' unit number, and I realised that it was our maid."

    He suspected she may have been worried because a frying pan had been left unattended.

    Mr Choo shook his head and said: "She was so silly. She should have called one of us instead. It is such a pity."

    He said he hopes the tragedy can serve as a warning to other domestic helpers not to attempt such a risky move.

    Referring to the unattended frying pan, he said: "Even if a fire had broken out, we could have just called for the fire engine."

    A spokesman for police said they received a call at 5.41pm yesterday. When they got there, they found the motionless body of a 29-year-old woman.

    He said: "She was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. Police are investigating the unnatural death."

    Ms Imee, 37, a Filipino domestic helper, was in tears as she told The New Paper that she had lost her friend.

    She recalled: "I heard a loud bang and someone screamed 'Ah!'

    "I didn't know that it was my friend until I went down to walk the dog at almost 9pm."

    Ms Imee met Mr Choo, who told her that it was Ms Mila.

    She cried and said: "Mila was so pretty and cheerful. She'd always have a smile and we'd joke when she took the elderly uncle in his wheelchair for walks.

    "Now I am so worried about her family members back in the Philippines. Oh dear, what is going to happen to them?"