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    Jan 29, 2014

    Maid buried baby in backyard

    AN INDONESIAN maid who buried her dead newborn baby in her employer's backyard was yesterday jailed for three months.

    Musliyati, 37, showed no expression when she was sentenced.

    When she suspected that she was pregnant in October, she wore corsets and loose clothes to hide her extra weight.

    She tried to get rid of the baby with three "contraceptive" pills that she bought from a Geylang peddler. On the night of Nov 6, she swallowed one and inserted the other two into her private parts.

    At 1am on Nov 8, she gave birth in a squat toilet in her employer's home in Brighton Avenue in Serangoon Gardens.

    She scooped the baby out of the toilet bowl and tore off the umbilical cord. She told investigators that the baby was not moving or crying.

    Four hours later, she wrapped the body in a blanket and placed it in a black plastic bag before burying it in the backyard.

    The next day, her employer called for an ambulance as Musliyati appeared to be very weak. She was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

    A doctor noticed the remnants of the torn umbilical cord and informed her employer, who called police to report the missing baby.

    The police found some bloodstained clothes and towels in a pail in the kitchen but needed a police dog to find the buried baby.

    The autopsy report prepared by Dr George Paul, a consultant forensic pathologist at the Health Sciences Authority, indicated that the foetus was between eight and nine months and that it was difficult to ascertain whether it was already dead when it was born.

    Investigations revealed that Musliyati, who goes by one name, had also worked here from 2010 to 2012. A few days before returning here in March last year, she had sex with her boyfriend in Indonesia.

    She tested negative in a pregnancy test during a medical check-up on March 21.

    She later got to know 39-year-old Jaman Kuning and had sex with the Malaysian in a Geylang hotel on her days off from April to October. She took pills that she thought were contraceptives.

    The maximum penalty for disposing the dead body of a child secretly and concealing its birth is a two-year jail term and a $10,000 fine.