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    Jul 30, 2015

    M1 offers cheapest line-only mobile plan

    TELCO M1 has launched the cheapest mobile plan targeted at consumers who do not need to buy a new handset.

    Its most basic new subscription plan is priced at $30 a month for a 5GB data bundle, 300 minutes of talk time and 1,000 SMS and MMS, with a one-year contract.

    Similar 5GB data mobile plans for customers who need a new subsidised handset cost at least $80 a month across all three telcos.

    Some phone-line-only plans are also not significantly cheaper than plans that come with a subsidised smartphone.

    Singtel charges customers who need just a phone line the same monthly subscription as those who buy a phone line and a subsidised smartphone.

    Its phone-line-only customers get 50 per cent more outgoing talk time, and a shorter contract period of three months.

    StarHub's phone-line-only customers get a 20 per cent discount on their monthly subscription. Customers have to sign a one-year contract.

    But with low-cost smartphones now under $250, users need not sign expensive two-year mobile service contracts with phone subsidies.