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LTA apologises for officer's behaviour

ALTERCATION: A screenshot from the viral video, in which an LTA officer shouted at and threatened to beat a driver.


    Jul 05, 2016

    LTA apologises for officer's behaviour

    THE video of a spat on June 23 between a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer and a motorist outside Yio Chu Kang MRT station has gone viral online, prompting the authority to apologise for the incident.

    The video shows the officer in a heated argument with the driver of the vehicle, shouting and threatening to beat the driver. He asked the driver if he was being "guai lan" (Hokkien for rude), before yanking the door of the car open.

    The officer was then stopped by the woman filming the video, who told him he was "working for the Government" and should not behave in such a manner. Responding to the woman, the officer said: "He want to hammer me, ask him come out lah."

    The motorist can be seen driving off as the officer spoke with the woman.

    It is not known what provoked the initial argument between the enforcement officer and the driver, whose identities are unknown.

    Netizen Tong Bock Toh posted a video of the altercation on Facebook on Saturday. As of 930pm yesterday, it had received more than 40,000 views and was shared more than 530 times.

    The officer in the video was employed by Ramky Cleantech Services which provides parking enforcement services for LTA.

    LTA yesterday confirmed the officer in question was no longer employed by Ramky.

    An LTA spokesman said it has issued a stern warning to Ramky to ensure its enforcement officers exercise their duties "fairly and professionally" at all times.