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Lost and found

ANYONE MISSING CRABS? Golden Village said that someone left behind Sri Lankan crabs at a cinema hall.


    Jan 26, 2015

    Lost and found

    Average number of lost items recovered from Golden Village cinemas each year: 700

    Number of police reports for lost items last year: 115,000

    Number of police reports for found items last year: 31,000

    Number of items found in taxis, buses and trains run by SMRT and ComfortDelgro in 2012: 80,000

    Biggest value item found in a ComfortDelgro taxi: $1.1 million in cash

    Odd items found at Golden Village cinemas: Sri Lankan crabs, hell banknotes, voodoo doll

    Odd items found in ComfortDelgro taxis: 5kg gold bars, worth $377,000*, rabbits*, dogs*, wedding gowns, dentures, crutches

    *Returned to owner