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    Oct 21, 2014

    Local start-up GNum gets $7m in funding

    SINGAPORE start-up GNum yesterday announced that it had secured $7 million in seed funding from private equity firm Tembusu Partners.

    GNum, a subsidiary of GlobalRoam, developed a patent-pending technology that allows voice calls to be made from virtually any electronic device, from PCs to mobile phones. Users on the receiving end of a call will not need to download any applications.

    Its users adopt a "call handle", which is a personalised URL, that can be shared through text or image hyperlinks in e-mail signatures, documents, tweets, blogs and social-media profiles.

    GNum will use this round of funding to buy "related technologies" and for working-capital purposes, as it prepares for a nationwide roll-out in Singapore in the coming months. Launches in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are also in the works.

    Outgoing calls are free, and local mobile users will get 200 minutes of free incoming calls, GNum said.