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    Jan 15, 2014

    Lift ride to 65th floor, then death by fire

    IT WAS to be just another ordinary night shift at the Marina Bay Suites for security guards Sim Lai Huat, 58, and Sooria Kala Kanaseon, 34, on Monday.

    But the fire alarm sounded suddenly, shortly after 10pm. By the end of the night, the two of them were dead, killed by a fire that broke out on one of the top floors of the swanky condominium.

    The fire started in the service-lift lobby on the 65th floor, where renovation materials such as paint were stored. Most of the 221 units in the condominium were unoccupied.

    When firemen broke into the lobby, they found it engulfed in flames, The Straits Times reported yesterday. They found the bodies around 2am, inside the service-lift opening.

    According to Shin Min Daily News, the two victims are believed to have taken the lift to the 65th floor to investigate. When the doors opened, the raging fire swept into the lift.

    More than 100 residents fled the condominium. Most returned to their units only at around 2am yesterday.

    The condominium's management arranged for at least four families with small children to stay in nearby hotels that night, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

    Mr Sim's wife and young daughter showed up at the condominium around 3am yesterday. Mrs Sim was seen sobbing and breaking down repeatedly. She declined to be interviewed.

    Police escorted the two into the building at around 6am.