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    Oct 06, 2016

    Laundry boss missing, customers left hanging

    THE first laundry business here that used the "smart laundry lockers" system surprised its customers when it suddenly ceased operation, causing some to worry about the refund of their pre-payments and others to fear they might not retrieve their clothes already sent for washing.

    A customer, Mr Shao, told Lianhe Wanbao

    that for two years he had encountered no

    problems with My Laundry Box.

    "I just deposited my clothes into one of its lockers and its app would soon tell me that they were taken away for washing," the Chinese evening daily quoted him as saying.

    "Usually, within five days, I would get back

    my stuff from the locker," he recalled.

    However, last month, his clothes came back

    only after 10 days, and only after he chased

    the company for them.

    Last week, he again made another deposit

    and discovered days later that the clothes had

    not been collected.

    "It looks like the $50 I had paid up has gone down the drain," said Mr Shao.

    Wanbao's check on the Facebook page of the company found many other victims, with one claiming to have pre-paid more than a thousand dollars, which might not be recoverable.

    According to Wanbao, some customers had

    gone straight to its subcontractor - a washing

    and dry-cleaning outlet in Kaki Bukit - to

    recover their items.

    Meanwhile, Kelvin Khoo, founder of

    My Laundry Box, has gone missing, without

    paying his staff and delivery men.

    The company's main office at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 was vacant and locked-up, and a source said the CEO had disappeared since Aug 28.

    It was only in May that the 34-year-old, who launched his company in 2013, was invited to

    a forum held by Spring Singapore to share

    his entrepreneurial experience.