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    Jul 24, 2014

    Korean fugitive hid in wall of cabin


    SOUTH Korea's most wanted man, whose heavily decomposed body was found in an orchard last month, had evaded arrest by hiding in a wall of a wooden cabin, with suitcases of cash at hand, prosecutors said yesterday.

    The body of Yoo Byung Un, 73, wanted in connection with a ferry sinking in April, was identified only this week, more than a month after he was found lying next to a copy of a book he had written and empty bottles of alcohol nearby.

    When prosecutors returned to the cabin last month, acting on testimony given by an assistant, police found two suitcases that between them contained 830 million won (S$1 million) and US$160,000 (S$198,000).

    The cabin is on the outskirts of Suncheon, in the south of the country, about 2km from where the body was found.