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    Jul 11, 2014

    KL politician sorry for hailing Hitler in World Cup tweet


    A MALAYSIAN lawmaker apologised yesterday for a tweet praising Adolf Hitler following Germany's World Cup win over Brazil, after Prime Minister Najib Razak rebuked him for his "unacceptable" statement.

    Bung Mokhtar Radin, a politician with Mr Najib's ruling Umno, congratulated Germany for its 7-1 win on Wednesday and posted on Twitter: "Well done... Bravo... Long Live Hitler."

    In a statement issued by his office yesterday, Mr Najib condemned Mr Bung Mokhtar's comments as "unacceptable and wrong" and ordered him to withdraw them.

    "He does not speak for Malaysia, or for ordinary Malaysians," the Prime Minister said.

    Mr Bung Mokhtar tweeted an apology yesterday, after defending his remarks earlier.

    "When Germany whacked Brazil, I unintentionally said something that hurt d feeling of d ppl in Germany. MY SINCEREST APPOLOGY. LONG LIVE BUNG...," he posted.