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    Apr 24, 2014

    Kim-cheese it was not to be


    A FRENCH school has turned down the rare chance to train North Koreans in the proud Gallic art of cheese-making.

    The head of the Ecole Nationale d'Industrie Latiere, which specialises in the hard mountain cheeses North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is said to favour, said she received a visit from two North Korean officials last month.

    Mr Kim studied in Switzerland, where he reportedly acquired a penchant for emmental.

    The men expressed interest in sending people to the school to train, but Veronique Drouet said a tie-up with the reclusive communist state was "not part of our strategy".

    "I imagine they thought they had found a school, and that they had no doubt that it would work out," Ms Drouet said on Tuesday.

    "We are a school that operates on a human scale, we can't take ourselves off to all four corners of the world."

    Press reports had earlier indicated the school, a branch of the national dairy school near the eastern French city of Besancon, had taken on the job, dubbing it "cheese diplomacy".