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Key changes at a glance

PAYING TRIBUTE: Kit Chan is the first celebrity to perform at the occasion more commonly associated with politicians and policy announcements.


    Aug 24, 2015

    Key changes at a glance


    Buyers' income ceiling to be raised to $12,000 for Housing Board flats, $14,000 for executive condominiums

    Household income ceiling to quality for the Special CPF Housing Grant to rise to $8,500, covering two-thirds of all households; maximum grant now doubled to $40,000

    Fresh Start Housing Scheme to help second-timer rental households buy another flat


    New centralised campus for the Singapore Institute of Technology in Punggol; its yearly intake to rise to 3,500 by 2020

    Campus to be integrated with a JTC creative industry cluster

    Government to provide financial support to strengthen teaching of subjects like mathematics and science in madrasahs


    Re-employment age to be raised from 65 to 67 years by 2017


    Proximity Housing Grant for those buying resale flats with or near their parents, or near their married children

    Baby Bonus to be increased and given out for every child, not just the first four

    Medisave grant for newborns to be raised to cover MediShield Life premiums for the child until age 21

    Paternity leave to go up to two weeks