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Kelantan joins flood-hit states

IN GOOD HANDS: A villager carrying a baby goat to safety as flood waters rose.


    Dec 05, 2013

    Kelantan joins flood-hit states


    FLOOD waters continued to rise in eastern and southern states of Peninsula Malaysia yesterday, with the situation in Pahang made worse by power disruptions caused by rising water at electrical substations, The Straits Times reported.

    Kelantan became the fourth state to be struck by the annual monsoon floods, after Johor, Pahang and Terengganu, The Star said on its website. 

    At least 33,000 residents have been evacuated to higher ground, with roads closed to traffic in Johor, Pahang and Terengganu, according to the National Security Council's disaster-relief centres.

    The floods this year appear to be worse than last year's. In December last year, during the worst of the floods, 20,000 residents were evacuated from those three states. 

    The floods claimed their first victim on Monday night, when a 17-year-old boy was swept away by river torrents while fishing with his father in Terengganu, local media reported. One child went missing.

    Officials at disaster-relief centres in Pahang and Johor said they expect heavier rainstorms for the rest of this week.