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    Jul 04, 2014

    Jailed for misusing $350k car deposit

    A FORMER salesman of Maserati distributor Hong Seh Motors was sentenced to 33 months' jail yesterday for misappropriating $350,000.

    Allan Tan Buan Yuen, 54, pleaded guilty to criminal breach of trust involving the money received from Mr Fan Zhong Da and several others who were acting on behalf of Mr Fanto buya car in 2011.

    Mr Fan, 46, a Chinese national, visited the firm's showroom in July 2011 and was keen on buying a Maserati car.

    Tan told him the price was $650,000 and that the car would arrive in six months. He asked Mr Fan to make deposit payments to him and $350,000 was paid out to Tan over several months.

    In February 2012, Mr Fan called Tan to ask about the car. Tan then confessed that he had gambled away the money.