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    Dec 14, 2015

    ISIS trains kids as young as two: Malaysian police


    THE Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group has set up two camps to train young children as militants, with some as young as two years old, said Malaysia's anti-terrorism chief yesterday.

    The camps, which are currently training some 500 children, are based in Kazakhstan and Syria, said Senior Assistant Commissioner Ayob Khan, head of the Bukit Aman Special Branch counter-terrorism division when speaking at the Islamic state: Jihad versus militant seminar.

    Mr Ayob told the seminar, held at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: "They (ISIS) are teaching the children how to use firearms. Video footage shows how the children are being brainwashed to perform false jihad (religious wars) when they're older.

    "One (child) was even recorded saying that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is his leader and that he would slaughter infidels," the chief said, referring to the head of ISIS.

    Bahasa Indonesia is known to be among the languages used by ISIS to reach out to sympathisers in South-east Asia, according to Mr Ayob.

    "We are monitoring them because we are afraid that they will come back and set up a camp here," he said, adding that Malaysian children could be among the trainees.

    Malaysian police know of cases of families migrating to these war-torn countries to join the false jihad, said Mr Ayob.