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    Mar 23, 2015

    'ISIS hackers publish' data on US military staff


    A GROUP calling itself the "Islamic State Hacking Division" published what it said were the names and addresses of 100 United States military staff and urged Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) supporters to kill them, a monitoring group said yesterday.

    The allegedly hacked information about members of the air force, army and navy included photos and ranks of personnel, Site Intelligence said.

    The hacking group said it attained the information from government servers, databases and e-mail, AFP reported.

    The self-proclaimed hackers said the 100 military staff had targeted ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and called on sympathisers to mount attacks.

    Defence Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials told The New York Times they were aware of the threats and were investigating the website.

    But a defence source told the newspaper most of the information was in fact available in public records and did not appear to have been hacked from government servers.

    The US is leading an international coalition targeting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, where the Islamist militants have taken over swathes of territory.

    Meanwhile, a new study has suggested that ISIS' annual budget for this year could be US$2.25 billion (S$3.1 billion), US$250 million more than previously estimated.

    Much of ISIS' revenue comes from the sale of oil, payments for extortions and ransoms, sale of stolen artefacts, as well as drug, organ and human smuggling, the Daily Mail reported last Friday.

    The large annual budget suggests that ISIS is the richest Islamist terror group in history, outpacing even Al-Qaeda, the Mail said.