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Irate driver to cyclists: I'm the law, okay!

FLASHPOINT: A furious driver was seen confronting 10 or so cyclists on Saturday. In the incident captured on video, the man suddenly blared his horn loudly, before exiting his car and yelling expletives. It is unclear if he was provoked.


    Jan 06, 2015

    Irate driver to cyclists: I'm the law, okay!

    ANOTHER tense confrontation between a group of cyclists and a driver is making the rounds on the Internet.

    Stomper Rider sent in the footage of this incident, which showed a middle-aged man flaring up at the group of 10 or so cyclists for unknown reasons on Saturday.

    The video began with some cyclists turning into what looked like a carpark. The man, whose car could be seen moving slowly out of a parking space, suddenly sounded his horn loudly.

    He then got out of his car and yelled, "Why, you not happy ah?", along with some expletives.

    "This is not for you to do this!" he said in an agitated tone.

    It is unclear if anyone did something to provoke him.

    As he gestured angrily, some cyclists threatened to call the police, to which he retorted: "I'm the law, okay!"

    A heated argument ensued, until a passer-by and a cyclist calmed things down. The man then drove off, with one or two cyclists shouting after him.

    Stomper LaoHu described the incident as "disgraceful" and slammed the driver for his "thuggish behaviour".

    However, some netizens came to the driver's defence and pointed out that some cyclists behaved "as if the road belongs to them".

    Singshield1 said: "I can understand the anger of the driver. These cyclists come in a big bunch. Time to have some laws to control the behaviour of cyclists on the roads."