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Investing? Get insights from experts

WARY EYE ON CHINA: Investment analyst Tan also advises watching the US.


    Feb 25, 2014

    Investing? Get insights from experts

    WHILE the global economic recovery this year heralds a positive outlook for Singapore's stock indexes, eager investors should still keep an eye on the risks from China.

    "The slowdown in China could mean a decrease in exports from the country, which is Singapore's largest trading partner," said Phillip Futures investment analyst Vanessa Tan.

    This affects imports here and, in turn, Singapore's exports. The performance of the Straits Times Index and the Morgan Stanley Capital International Singapore Free Index may also be affected.

    Besides the financial situation in China, Ms Tan, who will be speaking at a MyPaper seminar on Sunday, said investors should pay heed to the United States' tapering of its quantitative easing measures.

    "We are seeing capital outflow from emerging markets on expectations of rising yields in the US. This turmoil from emerging markets could have a negative spillover effect on Singapore," Ms Tan noted.

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