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    Mar 23, 2015

    Indian cops nab 4 peers in raid on sex district


    POLICE in eastern India were left red-faced when they discovered four of their own during a raid on a sex district, along with a convicted murderer they were supposed to be guarding, a report said yesterday.

    The four policemen had been tasked with transporting the murderer from a jail in the underdeveloped state of Jharkhand to hospital for a check-up, the Hindustan Times reported. But the police officers decided to make a 206km detour to visit the red-light area in the town of Asansol across the border in West Bengal state, the newspaper said.

    The West Bengal police rounded up the four as part of the raid, although the murderer managed to escape - and then made his own way back to jail in Koderma city in Jharkhand, the paper said.

    "We have ordered a probe and suspended the four policemen until further notice," Jharkhand director-general of police D. K. Pandey told the newspaper.