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    Apr 01, 2016

    India flyover collapses: 14 dead, over 100 buried


    A FLYOVER under construction in the bustling Indian city of Kolkata collapsed on moving traffic below, killing at least 14 people. More than 100 people are feared trapped, police said.

    Residents were using their bare hands to try to rescue people pinned under a 100m length of metal and cement that snapped off at one end and came crashing down in a teeming commercial district near Girish Park, Reuters reported yesterday.

    Eyewitness Ravindra Kumar Gupta, a grocer, said two buses carrying more than 100 passengers were trapped.

    "Fourteen people are confirmed dead. More than 70 are injured," National Disaster Management Authority spokesman Anurag Gupta told Agence France-Presse, adding that rescue operations were still on-going.

    An eyewitness at the scene described a loud bang that sounded "like a bomb blast and suddenly there was a lot of smoke and dust".

    A 140-tonne crane brought to the scene was unable to lift the concrete slab under which many people were feared trapped, including passengers in a minibus.

    Construction on the flyover had been delayed for several years in the congested city, according to local media reports.

    The accident is the latest in a string of deadly construction collapses in India, some of which have highlighted shoddy building standards.