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Hunt for Caucasian man who smashed glass door

ON THE RAMPAGE: A screen grab from the video taken on Sunday night showing the small-built Caucasian man with several roadside dustbins overturned.
Hunt for Caucasian man who smashed glass door

DAMAGE: A view of the broken glass door at the wine importer's office.


    Mar 27, 2014

    Hunt for Caucasian man who smashed glass door

    THE search is on for a man who smashed a glass door of a wine importer's office in Neil Road while in a drunken stupor.

    Police and the managing partner of the company, KOT Selections, are searching for the Caucasian man, whose actions on Sunday were caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV).

    Mr Ong Yixin, KOT Selections' managing partner, posted the footage on the company's Facebook page on Monday, after discovering the damage at 8.40am that day.

    The minute-long video has since been viewed more than 93,000 times.

    Taken on Sunday at 11.53pm, the video shows a small-built man kicking down several roadside dustbins. A Caucasian woman with him tries to stop him, but he ignores her, stumbles and goes on to kick KOT Selections' door.

    Nothing in the office was stolen and the door has since been repaired. A police report has been made and investigations are under way.

    "It's abundantly clear that what that person did was illegal. So, it was a natural and spontaneous decision for us to put the CCTV video online... and use our network to find him," Mr Ong said, adding that he hopes to eventually claim compensation from the man.

    The company, he said, had to shut on Monday for emergency stock-taking, police investigation and door repair.

    "By posting the video online, we're not trying to hunt the culprit down so as that we can lynch or burn him, we just want to identify him so that he can be dealt with by the law," said Mr Ong, adding that the police found some fingerprints at the crime scene.