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Hundreds in HK black cloth march

ANGRY WORDS: The protesters carried a 500m-long black cloth in the march. The Chinese characters on it read "civil disobedience".


    Sep 15, 2014

    Hundreds in HK black cloth march


    HUNDREDS of pro-democracy protesters wearing small yellow ribbons marched silently through Hong Kong yesterday, with banners saying they felt betrayed and angry at Beijing's refusal to allow fully-democratic elections for the city's next chief executive in 2017.

    The protesters, who carried enormous black cloth ribbons and waved British colonial flags, held up signs calling for further civil disobedience and cheering on students planning to boycott classes next week.

    "Support students boycotting classes!" and "Occupy Central with Love and Peace!" read some of the signs. "Beijing has breached our trust! Universal suffrage is hopeless!" read another one.

    Dozens of pro-establishment protesters gathered nearby, waving banners and cursing the democracy activists and students.

    "Students should focus on studying," shouted Pok Chun Chung, an organiser of the pro-establishment "Protect Hong Kong" movement. "If you adults have guts, then you should occupy Central yourself, not use children as cannon fodder!"

    Yesterday's march was the latest in a series of confrontations between pro-democracy activists and pro-establishment forces after Beijing made it clear recently that it will not allow fully-democratic elections.