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    Jan 05, 2015

    Hospital clears the air on anti-S'pore talk online

    TAN Tock Seng Hospital has said that anti-Singaporean comments that have been circulating online were posted on the Facebook profile of one of its staff members, whose account was hacked.

    "Dear all, the staff concerned is one (of) our nurses. He has reported to the police that his Facebook account has been hacked. We are cooperating with the police on the investigation. Thank you for the alerts and concern," the hospital wrote on its official Facebook page yesterday.

    However, some netizens cast doubt over whether the account had really been hacked.

    A screenshot of the post has been circulating online. The Facebook user wrote in the post that Singaporeans are "loosers" (losers), and he was "praying that disators (disasters) will strike Singapore".

    Earlier, the hospital said it was investigating the comments, which were said to have been posted by one of its employees.

    "Dear all, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We expect our staff to be respectful and professional. Rest assured we are looking into this," the hospital posted yesterday morning.

    Some netizens had sent complaints to the hospital based on the screenshot of the insulting comments, but others questioned the authenticity of the post.