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    Jan 14, 2014

    Hollande's partner in hospital after affair shock


    MS VALERIE Trierweiler, the companion of President Francois Hollande and France's de facto first lady, was admitted to a hospital on Friday, after learning along with the rest of France that he is apparently having an affair with another woman.

    Mr Hollande's domestic problems are spilling into public view at an inconvenient time. Foreign ministers arrived in Paris on Saturday and Sunday for talks on Middle East peace, the Syrian civil war and Iran's nuclear programme, and he was scheduled to lay out his agenda for the year at a news conference today.

    Ms Trierweiler's spokesman, Ms Patrice Biancone, confirmed that she had been hospitalised and added that she had learnt of the affair from a tabloid.

    Saying that Ms Trierweiler had experienced a "big emotional shock", Ms Biancone added that "for each couple, according to your commitment, these sorts of things can devastate you".

    Doctors have recommended rest for Ms Trierweiler.