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    Aug 11, 2015

    Hogwash, says Mahathir of $920m donation claim


    FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has refused to accept that the Arabs donated RM2.6 billion (S$920 million) to Prime Minister Najib Razak for his election campaign.

    The former prime minister of 22 years said that the Arabs were not that generous and that he never managed to raise a single dollar from them for the Malaysian International Islamic University or for the Oxford Islamic Centre.

    "This claim that Arabs donated billions is what people describe as hogwash or bull****. Certainly I don't believe it and neither can the majority of Malaysians if we go by the comments on the social media. The world had a good laugh," Dr Mahathir said in a post on his blog,, yesterday.

    "Who in the world would donate US$700 million to the Malaysian Prime Minister? Even Obama could not raise this amount for his presidential bid," he added.

    Dr Mahathir said the claims that the money was for elections was not logical, as he had needed less than RM10 million for each of the five elections he presided over.

    "Is it to bribe politicians and civil servants, or to rig the elections? That would not be right, much less legal," he said.

    Dr Mahathir said that what Mr Najib was doing was unprecedented and that the people are at a loss.

    He added that the prospect of Mr Najib continuing to rule the country is depressing and that the Malaysia where elections can even see opposition parties win whole states will be no more.

    "Democracy is dead. It is dead because an elected leader chooses to subvert the institutions of the government and make them his instruments for sustaining himself. There is no more democracy for anyone to undermine," he said.

    Meanwhile, Mr Najib, who was in Singapore on Sunday for its jubilee National Day Parade, called for Singaporeans not to judge Malaysia for what they might read.

    "I urge Singaporeans not to judge Malaysia by what you may read on social media, or by politically motivated statements from certain quarters running down our country," said Mr Najib in a blog post yesterday.

    "I will ensure that Malaysia remains stable and safe - for guests and Malaysians alike," he added, noting the cooperation between the two countries despite having had differences.

    "The reality is that we share your (Singapore's) aspirations for good governance, a strong, inclusive and sustainable economy based on sound fundamentals, and stability, harmony and diversity."