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HK couple dismembered and packed in lunchboxes

HORRIFIC: Chau, the couple's son, pleaded not guilty to both counts of murder yesterday. PHOTO: INTERNET


    Aug 07, 2014

    HK couple dismembered and packed in lunchboxes


    AN ELDERLY Hong Kong couple were allegedly dismembered by their son and his friend before being salted, cooked and packed into lunchboxes "like char siew (barbecued pork)", a court has heard.

    The severed heads of 65-year-old Chau Wing-ki and his wife, Siu Yuet-yee, 62, were found in March last year, stuffed into two refrigerators in a bloodstained apartment, days after they were reported missing.

    As part of the well-prepared plot, the couple's body parts were to be dumped in rubbish bins, it was alleged.

    Some body parts were dumped into the sea, while others were kept in bags and boxes or frozen in two newly purchased refrigerators at the son's rented flat allegedly in an attempt to make the couple "disappear without a trace".

    Their 30-year-old son Henry Chau pleaded not guilty to both counts of murder yesterday, reports said, as he and alleged accomplice Tse Chun-kei appeared on the second day of the trial before a packed court.

    Both men have admitted preventing the couple's lawful burial.

    Chau initially told police that his parents had gone to the mainland, but later admitted to the murder on an Internet messaging group.

    In evidence read to the city's High Court, he claimed that he planned to mislead the police in order to buy himself some time to say goodbye to friends.

    "My partner in the murders and I were planning to make it a missing persons case and dump the bodies piece by piece," he said in a group message.

    Chau also called himself a "psychopath" in the messages and said: "I cannot empathise with people's pain because of my experiences from childhood and adolescence".

    Chau told the police that he and his alleged accomplice shared the same feeling that his parents were "total losers".