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    Feb 23, 2016

    Historian, arts activist among NMP applicants

    A HISTORIAN, a former opposition politician and an arts activist are among those who want to be Nominated MPs, who are meant to provide alternative voices in Parliament.

    At least 11 people were seen submitting their applications at Parliament House from 10.30am to 5pm yesterday, a day before the closing date.

    Several of them did so in person while others sent proxies.

    One of the earliest to do so was history academic Liew Kai Khiun, 43, who is applying again after an unsuccessful bid in 2014. He said his application is backed by the Nature Society.

    The NMP scheme allows for up to nine people to be chosen to provide alternative voices in Parliament.

    After nominations close today, a special committee of eight MPs will consider all the applications as well as other MPs' views on the applicants.

    They will interview shortlisted candidates, agree on the final nominees and recommend them to the President, who appoints the NMPs.

    Other contenders include former opposition politician Eric Tan, 61; arts activist Felicia Low, 39; and business owner Mohamed Nawaz, 36.

    Also spotted were dispatchers handing in forms on behalf of the coordinators of seven functional groups that are asked to submit names of NMPs.

    They include the courier for National University of Singapore president Tan Chorh Chuan, the coordinator for tertiary education institutions; a dispatch rider for Academy of Medicine master Lim Shih Hui, who coordinates the professions; and a courier for the Singapore Business Federation, which coordinates business and industry. All three declined to name their nominees.

    The National Council of Social Service, coordinator for social service organisations, also confirmed yesterday that it had submitted two names.

    Earlier yesterday, Drama Box artistic director Kok Heng Leun said he would throw his name into the ring for a second time. Last week, the labour movement put forth veteran unionist K. Thanaletchimi, 50, as a potential NMP.

    As for the last batch of NMPs, entrepreneur Kuik Shiao Yin confirmed last week that she was seeking a second term while businessman Thomas Chua said he felt he had more to offer.

    Corporate lawyer Chia Yong Yong, a wheelchair user, said she would leave the decision of her re-nomination to the social services sector coordinator.