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    Sep 25, 2014

    Higher tolls at Causeway apply to all, LTA clarifies

    ALL motorists entering Johor Baru through the Causeway have to pay higher tolls, regardless of whether they use the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) highway or not, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday.

    The fees, which were raised by Malaysia on Aug 1, are collected at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex at the Sultan Iskandar Building and are "effectively Causeway tolls", the LTA added.

    Media reports suggesting that only motorists who use the EDL link pay higher tolls are "inaccurate", LTA said.

    The EDL is the highway connecting the Johor Baru immigration complex to the North-South Expressway.

    Singapore has announced that it will match Malaysia's toll hikes at the Causeway next month. For drivers, this means a round-trip in a private car could cost $13.

    LTA said that "should Malaysia reduce or do away with the toll charges, Singapore will do the same".

    Singapore has a long-standing policy of matching toll charges at the Causeway and Second Link to those set by Malaysia.