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    Apr 27, 2016

    High demand for SMU's new degree

    A NEW degree course at Singapore Management University (SMU), which offers a combination of politics, law and economics, is a hit with young Singaporeans hoping to land a university place this year.

    SMU received 1,108 applications for the 45 places in the course, which means about 25 students are vying for every place.

    The demand for the new course has also led to a rise in total number of applications - 14,000 in all this year, a 6 per cent rise over last year.

    The course is aimed at giving students a broad understanding of how the world works and will prepare them for a range of careers.

    Students who applied for the course said it is an unusual combination and prestigious to boot as it is being offered to only a select group of high-calibre students.

    Many were also drawn by the fact that the course would prepare them for a wide range of jobs, including in journalism, foreign affairs, public service, consulting and research.

    SMU provost Lily Kong said she was delighted with the response.

    "Through a deeper understanding of how politics, law and economics intersect to shape the world in which we live, we hope to groom a new generation of leaders and thinkers for Singapore."

    The 45 students selected for the course will take all three subjects in the first year, before specialising in one of four areas - global studies, distribution and justice, public policy and governance, or choice and behaviour - from year two.

    Students will also have to go on a 10-week internship, during which they will work on a project to find solutions to a real-world problem.

    SMU officials said close to 5,000 of the 14,000 applicants have been shortlisted so far. They will be further assessed via interviews.