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    May 28, 2014

    #HiddenCash in San Fran, so go find it

    A TREASURE hunt is getting people excited in San Francisco.

    An anonymous man, who uses the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, has been hiding wads of cash around the city, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. He hides the envelopes containing US$20 (S$25) and US$100 notes around the city and tweets the locations.

    People who found the cash have been tweeting their finds, with some posting photos of themselves holding up the money.

    From a few hundred followers on Friday, the Twitter account had more than 42,000 by yesterday afternoon.

    "I just closed a real estate deal where my profit was about half-a-million dollars, and I decided even before it closed that one of the things I wanted to do with the money was something fun in SF," the mysterious man said in an e-mail message to the Chronicle.

    The man said he chose the scheme for its simplicity.

    "I played around with different ideas and, frankly, they were too complicated," HiddenCash said. "I was thinking of a 'Survivor'-type game…or something like it at some point."

    He said he will continue dropping cash randomly, and may even extend it to other US cities, but wants to maintain his privacy.