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The heat is on at City Hall MRT station

TEMPORARY RELIEF: Commuters using City Hall MRT station will have to make do with large standing fans, as train operator SMRT is replacing air-conditioners at the station, following commuter feedback.


    Mar 18, 2014

    The heat is on at City Hall MRT station

    COMMUTERS walking into City Hall MRT station, hoping to get respite from the sweltering heat, have instead been met with a blast of warm air.

    The major MRT interchange, which is getting its air-conditioning units replaced progressively, now has large standing fans and blowers in place of the air-con units being changed.

    But commuters, who can spend up to 12 minutes waiting for a train at the three-storey interchange during peak hours, said the fans and blowers are not enough.

    Many were seen standing right in front of the fans and wiping sweat from their foreheads when MyPaper visited the station yesterday during lunchtime.

    And it looks like they will be hot and bothered for some time to come. Signs at the station pointed to June as the expected date when the air-cons will be back up and running. The replacement works began on Feb 20.

    When contacted, SMRT's director of media and marketing communications, Ms Alina Boey, said: "We seek the patience of commuters as they bear with the temporary inconvenience while we work hard to improve their travel experience."

    A post on the train operator's Facebook page in June said that the replacement works were launched after feedback was received that the air-conditioning was not cold enough at City Hall and Raffles Place stations. Raffles Place Station will be next to get new air-cons.

    But manager Jay Toh, 40, was not pleased. "It is very hot. SMRT is not doing enough to deal with the heat. They should install portable air-conditioners."