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    Mar 19, 2014

    Heart of the matter: Fish oils may not help


    EATING food high in fish oils such as omega-3 doesn't reduce the risk of heart disease, raising questions about health guidelines promoting the fats as good for the heart, researchers found.

    The analysis of 72 previous studies showed insufficient support for nutritional recommendations by groups such as the American Heart Association that advocate high consumption of polyunsaturated fats like omega-3, and omega-6 which is found in corn and sunflower oils, as well as some nuts and seeds.

    The findings released yesterday in the Annals Of Internal Medicine are the latest to show that supplements and vitamins don't work as well as touted.

    While past studies showed fish oil can lower unhealthy blood fats and blood pressure, and reduce the risk of a second heart attack, research in recent years contradicted those findings, suggesting it has limited heart benefits.

    "The current guidelines should reflect the most recent evidence that shows that their apparent benefit for reducing coronary risk is potentially low," said Dr Rajiv Chowdhury, the lead study author.