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Healthy meals for busy execs

CASHING IN ON HEALTH FAD: The Naked Meals' owners Alison Yen, 26, and her sister, Alicia, 25, packing healthy meals for delivery at their outlet in Tiong Bahru


    Mar 11, 2014

    Healthy meals for busy execs

    A DELICIOUS and healthy lunch is now just a phone call away.

    Office workers are starting to eat more healthily and eateries have started to take notice. Not only are more eateries serving healthy dishes springing up, but many have also gone a step further by offering deliveries.

    A MyPaper check with several of these businesses found that deliveries to offices in the Central Business District (CBD) have gone up as much as 70 per cent in the past month.

    They charge between $10 and $14 for a meal, including delivery charges.

    The Naked Meals, a store nestled in Tiong Bahru, saw a 70 per cent increase in deliveries since its opening last month.

    Today, the outlet's owners, sisters Alicia Yen, 25, and Alison, 26, deliver healthy meals - including baked salmon and meatballs - to the desks of over 40 customers in the CBD.

    Over at Munch, which has four of its seven outlets in the CBD, the delivery business has been booming. Since it opened in 2010, deliveries for its signature salads and rotisserie meats have risen from 30 a month to 50.

    Some chains, including the salad chain The Salad Stop, are also starting to receive more requests to stock up the pantries of offices with bowls of their green salads, nut mixes and sandwiches. The Salad Stop now makes these daily top-ups at five companies in the CBD, up from just one company in 2010.

    The delivery business for other eateries such as The Green Bar, which has outlets in Collyer Quay and Millenia Walk, and the 11-month-old Happy Salad has also boomed. They have seen orders triple, and their owners plan to expand their delivery service with the opening of new outlets near the CBD.

    Both eateries are optimistic that demand for food deliveries will continue to rise.

    "Office workers have really short breaks and some even skip (breaks) because they have a lot of work to do," said Mr Marcel Selamat, 22, the owner of Happy Salad. He charges $8.80 for chicken caesar salad.

    Ms Caryn Lim, 34, director of The Green Bar, pointed out: "Singaporeans are becoming health conscious and more people are searching for fresh wholesome foods.

    "Our corporate clients want deliveries because they normally have meetings and they want to enjoy our hearty salad at their convenience," she said.

    Fitness trainer Rue She, 35, who gets her lunch delivered by The Naked Meals every day, said: "I really like it because I get to customise my meal."

    She added that getting her lunch delivered helps her to "save a lot of time from having to cook my own sodium-free meal".

    "I can definitely see more Singaporeans ordering deliveries because they are getting more active; so, more people are starting to watch what they eat."