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Headless, topless corpse stuns estate

GRUESOME: An apparently decapitated, dismembered and topless female body was found in Whampoa River near McNair Spring housing estate yesterday morning.


    Dec 13, 2013

    Headless, topless corpse stuns estate

    DISBELIEF and shock gripped the McNair Spring housing estate yesterday after an apparently decapitated, dismembered and topless corpse was fished out of the nearby Whampoa River just after sunrise.

    Residents who saw the female body expressed shock, and were reluctant to describe it beyond confirming that it was headless. MyPaper understands the body was clad only in black trousers.

    Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao reported that the body was cut at the torso and the joints of the arms, in a total of seven pieces. The head and hands are still missing.

    The body parts found were wrapped in garbage bags.

    A posting on citizen-journalism website Stomp said that the body was discovered by two joggers.

    It said: "I spoke to a jogger who told me she and another jogger had spotted a garbage bag in the drain that looked like a body shape and with what looked like a leg exposed. The jogger called the police."

    The case has been classified as an unnatural death. The body carried no identification documents, the police said.

    It is not immediately clear how old the victim was or how long she had been in the water.

    It is also unclear where exactly the body was dumped in the river. The area had heavy rainfall the previous night and the roughly 5m-deep canal was still half full when MyPaper visited the scene.

    The police said dispatchers received a call about the body at 7.30am yesterday.

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force said the body was "manually retrieved" by firefighters from about 2m from the river bank. Paramedics officially pronounced the woman dead at 8.30am.

    About 50 plainclothes and uniformed police officers were at the scene yesterday morning, and more than 50m of the canal and its surroundings were cordoned off, including playgrounds and common areas.

    Mr Steven Low, a resident, said he left his flat at about 7.15am, only to return three hours later to find nearly his entire neighbourhood cordoned off with police tape.

    Investigations are ongoing, and the police are appealing for witnesses.