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He stalked singer for 6 years

VICTIM: For six years, Ramm was harassed by a Singaporean cyber-stalker who had watched her perform on TV in 2005.
He stalked singer for 6 years

CYBER-STALKER: Mak pleaded guilty to sending American singer Ramm 31 e-mail threats to kill or harm her.


    Dec 05, 2013

    He stalked singer for 6 years

    A SINGAPOREAN man admitted to being the international cyber-stalker who made the life of American singer Leandra Ramm an ordeal for six years.

    Colin Mak Yew Loong, 38, pleaded guilty yesterday in a Singapore district court to sending her 31 e-mail threats to kill or harm her.

    It all started after he watched her perform on a TV show on CNN television channel in 2005, which was broadcast in Asia.

    Posing as a director of a music festival, he contacted her while she was in the United States and promised to further her music career.

    Initially, she was grateful, but when she stopped replying to his messages, he resorted to threatening e-mail messages and phone calls.

    They never met but, on one occasion in August 2010, he sent her up to six threats in one day.

    The harassment continued till 2011, when the US authorities sought the help of Singapore police to curb his activities.

    Ramm's ordeal is documented in her book, Stalking A Diva, which came out last year.

    In it, the 29-year-old revealed that Mak had threatened her and her family with all kinds of bodily harm, in thousands of e-mail messages.

    In court yesterday, Mak also pleaded guilty to harassing and intimidating two other musicians - Krasznai Tuende Ilona from Hungary and Veronika Sakhno from Ukraine - and committing criminal trespass and theft. He will be sentenced next Friday.

    For threatening to kill Ramm, he could be jailed for up to seven years and fined.