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    Mar 03, 2014

    Haze hits Malaysia again, S'pore spared


    THE haze has returned to Malaysia, with the Air Pollutant Index (API) in Port Klang registering an unhealthy level of 121 early yesterday morning, while readings for other areas in Selangor were in the moderate range.

    The API fell slightly to 116 in Port Klang later in the day, but levels in Putrajaya, 25km south of Kuala Lumpur, reached 127 at 3pm.

    Other areas in Malaysia saw moderate air pollution, with Muar in Johor having an API of 62 in the afternoon and Port Dickson's reaching 95 at 5pm, according to the Malaysia Department of Environment's website.

    Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings in Singapore were in the good range of 28-41 last evening.

    An API or PSI reading of above 100 is considered unhealthy. A reading between zero and 50 is considered good, while that of 51 to 100 is moderate. Anything above 300 is in the hazardous range.

    Last week, a state of emergency was declared in Riau as the PSI in the Indonesian province exceeded 700, due to open burning and dry weather.