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Harry sets up 'royal flush' in S. Pole

TEAM-PLAYER: Prince Harry (left) built a detailed toilet structure on his South Pole trek.


    Jan 23, 2014

    Harry sets up 'royal flush' in S. Pole


    PRINCE Harry became a master in toilet-building during his expedition to the South Pole, a fellow trekker said on Tuesday as he lifted the lid on the royal's hidden skill. Last month, Harry became the first British royal to reach the pole after a three-week charity trek with injured military veterans from Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia.

    The 29-year-old urged employers to help wounded service personnel make the transition to civilian work, as he and members of the team reunited in London to celebrate the successful trek.

    Actor Dominic West, who took part in the 320km journey across Antarctica, said the Prince - who is fourth in line to the throne - had been very much a part of the team.

    "He seemed to specialise in building latrines," said West. "He built this incredible castellated structure with blocks to keep out the wind and it even had a loo-roll holder."

    Describing the experience of using the toilet built by a prince, the actor said: "Sitting there, looking at the beautiful view thinking, 'This is a royal flush, in every way'."

    Prince Harry is patron of trek organiser Walking With The Wounded, which raises funds to retrain injured troops and help them find new careers outside the military.

    Mr Duncan Slater, of Britain's Royal Air Force, whose legs were amputated following a blast in Afghanistan, completed the trek.

    He described to The Telegraph how he used his prosthetic legs to help the group celebrate: "They took some champagne up to the pole and I used my legs as a primitive ice bucket and wedged the bottle in there and passed it around - I don't know how we did it, but it went down quite well."

    The Prince said a documentary on the trek would be aired in March.