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    Feb 03, 2014

    Handy answers to annoying questions

    WE ARE four days into the Chinese New Year of the Horse, but for those who are single and not working as a doctor/lawyer, the struggle to deflect annoying questions continues.

    A website designed for mobile devices by Wunderwerks Singapore called "Why so kaypoh?" ( aims to help them fend off the questions.

    The page features some 50-odd questions on five topics - Lifestyle, Career and Money, Love and Relationships, School, and Marriage - with tongue-in-cheek responses.

    For example, the "When are you having kids?" question brings up a list of answers, including: "As soon as the value of Asian babies go up", or "I had some for breakfast. Crispy!"

    Other snarky answers include "I saw how boring your kids turned out, so I'm trying to be nothing like them", to the query "Why didn't you choose to study law or medicine?"