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    Jun 23, 2015

    Grin and hold it - with your dimple


    FIRST you have the belly button challenge, then coins on the collar bone and now comes the dimple's turn.

    China's online selfie trend has changed yet again: This time, it is about holding an object with your dimple.

    The trend was popularised by Chinese actress Li Xiaolu, who posted pictures last week of herself using the dimple on her left cheek to hold a pen cap, reported the China News Service.

    It appears that the object did not fall out as she snapped five selfies in a row.

    The pictures won many "likes" and comments expressing amazement and admiration, said the official news agency.

    Like prominent collar bones, cheek dimples are considered charming by the Chinese.

    Following Li's selfies, one netizen drew up a list of famous actresses with dimpled cheeks, including Ruby Lin and Angelababy.

    Li, 33, is best known for her role in the Joan Chen movie Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl, which won her a Golden Horse Award in 1998.

    In earlier selfie trends, Chinese actress Yang Mi, 29, showed how slim and flexible she was when she touched her belly button by stretching her arm around her back.

    Then, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen, 36, offered pictorial proof that she was slim by lining coins on her prominent collar bones.