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    May 23, 2016

    Graft busters visit Penang chief minister's home


    OFFICIALS from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) visited the bungalow of Lim Guan Eng, Penang's chief minister, yesterday, apparently in relation to a probe into alleged irregularity in his purchase of the villa last year, Malaysian media reported.

    Earlier, he and his wife Betty Chew were at the MACC's Penang office and were seen returning to the villa at George Town's Pinhorn Road with the officials, the Utusan Melayu reported.

    They had recorded statements with MACC two weeks ago over their payment of RM2.8 million (S$950,000) for the bungalow, which members from Malaysia's ruling party said was suspiciously far below the market price of RM4.72 million, The Star reported.

    Mr Lim, also secretary-general of the opposition Democratic Action Party, has been battling charges that Phang Li Koon sold the house cheap in return for a price cut in the sale of land in Penang's Taman Manggis to Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre in 2012.