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    Jan 24, 2014

    Give your take on data rules for 2 sectors

    IF YOU have just visited a showflat and left your personal details in the guestbook, you may not need to worry about receiving telemarketing calls or text messages from real-estate agents.

    Under proposed guidelines by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), real-estate agencies are not able to use the data provided in such a manner - unless clear consent has been given.

    Real-estate agents should also not divulge information about sellers, such as family background, to the buyers.

    These are among the first two sets of proposed guidelines put up for public consultation on the website of the PDPC, a statutory board administering the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

    The consultation was launched yesterday to gather feedback from organisations and the public regarding proposed guidelines for the real-estate and telecommunications sectors. It will close on Feb 13.

    For the telecommunications sector, telcos wanted clarity on issues such as whether a caller's number can be displayed on the phone of the party being called.

    PDPC's suggestion is that telcos can display the caller's ID, unless the consumer has asked for his number to be blocked.

    PDPC chairman Leong Keng Thai said: "We...will continue to work closely with organisations and industry bodies to ensure the PDPA remains relevant to consumer and business needs."

    These guidelines are expected to help companies comply with the PDPA, which comes into effect on July 2. The Act protects personal information from being stolen or indiscriminately collected, and used for marketing.