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    Feb 11, 2014

    Giant road killers exact a heavy toll

    EVEN as there are fewer traffic accidents causing deaths and injuries, Singapore has seen a sharp rise in deaths caused by trucks and lorries.

    Last year, 44 people died in accidents involving heavy vehicles. This was a third more than the 32 deaths the year before, according to statistics released by Traffic Police yesterday.

    Since the notorious accident in Tampines last year involving a cement truck that killed two boys, the Traffic Police have increased operations to catch errant heavy-vehicle drivers and introduced additional inspections for those caught.

    They have also rolled out initiatives to improve road safety, such as new digital red-light cameras, as more drivers flout rules.

    Overall traffic violations went up by 10 per cent last year with 35,290 cases. Speeding was the most common offence.

    But the number of accidents that caused deaths or injuries has dropped over the years.

    The figure for last year, which was 6,426, was 10 per cent less compared to the year before, and 25 per cent less compared to three years before.

    "We will continue to be tough with errant road users," said the Traffic Police's commander, police assistant commissioner Cheang Keng Keong, yesterday, adding that they will be firmer when dealing with motorists' appeals.