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DR PONCIANO: Dean and senior vice-president of PSB Academy.
Get career tips from the experts

DR HENG: Senior lecturer, PSB Academy.
Get career tips from the experts

MS TAYLOR: CEO of STTS Training.


    Jan 14, 2015

    Get career tips from the experts

    STAYING relevant in today's workforce might involve picking up new skills, but there are also other factors at play

    "What is critical for a candidate is to be open to organisation changes that affect their scope of work and to keep abreast of technical developments," said Joao Ponciano, dean and senior vice-president of PSB Academy.

    "In today's workforce, technology plays an active and integral part in the direct benefit of our society. To be relevant, a candidate must embrace technology and be open to...working in environments where we have to be multidisciplinary."

    He will discuss this and more at an upcoming My Paper Advance Education Series Seminar happening next Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.

    Dr Ponciano will speak on topics such as what employers look for, and offer tips on tackling interviews.

    For those in the finance, business and marketing sectors, John Heng, a senior lecturer at PSB Academy, will be giving advice on how they can get a leg up in their careers by building skill sets and qualities - both tangible and intangible - that can give them a competitive advantage at the workplace.

    Another speaker, Shirley Taylor, will shed light on why people should avoid writing too formally and, instead, write in a more conversational way at the workplace.

    Ms Taylor is chief executive at STTS Training, which specialises in providing business training in communication and success skills.

    She explained that one key mistake many people make when writing is that they write in a style that differs from how they speak.

    "Writing today should be friendly, natural, warm and relaxed, just the same as our business meetings," she said.

    The Advance Education Series Seminar will be held at Singapore Press Holdings' News Centre auditorium in Toa Payoh. There is a registration fee of $5, and light refreshments will be provided. To register, visit