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    Mar 10, 2015

    Gambler gets jail for stabbing wife

    A 38-YEAR-OLD gambler who had tried to kill his wife so that she would not be saddled with his debts was sentenced to seven years' jail yesterday.

    John Gee Tze Chiang had pleaded guilty to attempted culpable homicide by stabbing his wife of 11 years twice in her chest, once in her neck and once in her back on Aug 11, 2012. A charge of attempted suicide was also taken into consideration.

    The court heard that Gee, who was working in security at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, visited a casino on Aug 10, 2012, hoping for a big win to pay off his mounting debts. The majority of the loans with credit companies had been taken in his wife's name, as she was earning more than him.

    However, Gee lost more money and made up his mind to kill himself.

    The next morning, as his wife was getting ready for work, Gee apologised to her for causing her trouble.

    When she told him about the many text messages and calls made to her workplace by creditors, he decided to kill her as well, so that she would not have to suffer after his death.

    He took out a knife he had bought the day before and stabbed her twice in the chest.

    When she struggled and tried to escape, he stabbed her in the neck and back before stabbing himself in the chest.

    Gee could have been jailed up to 15 years, fined and caned.