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Fun time ends in injury, missing cash

SOBERING INCIDENT: Mr Xie says his left big toe was crushed by a car after a night of drinking and partying. He later found that he was missing $700.


    Feb 26, 2015

    Fun time ends in injury, missing cash

    IT STARTED out as a night of revelry in the early hours of Valentine's Day, but a chef took a cab home only to be knocked down by a car upon alighting.

    His left big toe was crushed and $700 was allegedly taken from him, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

    The man, known only as Mr Xie, told the Chinese daily that he had been partying and drinking with a group of people on the night of Feb 13 at a nightclub in Orchard Road.

    At 4am on Feb 14, the 27-year-old flagged a cab outside a hotel with a friend.

    Mr Xie said his friend alighted in Telok Blangah and the cabby took him home to Henderson Road.

    He added that he had drunk quite a lot that day and felt unwell in the cab. When the taxi reached the carpark at Block 93 at around 4.30am, he got out immediately and threw up.

    "The taxi driver then alighted and asked for the fare of $22.50...I took a $50 note from the left pocket of my trousers and gave it to him," Mr Xie explained.

    He said he was in a haze and sensed the driver turning to leave, after which a "large shadow" approached him. He fell to the ground with a thud, feeling a bolt of sharp pain in his left leg.

    "I suddenly sobered up completely and looked down to see my left big toe crushed, with blood flowing from it. I realised it had been crushed by a car."

    Mr Xie said that he was in great pain and did not know what to do. At that point, a passer-by, whom he described as a Chinese man who looked to be about 40, saw that he was injured and called for an ambulance.

    He later found that he was missing $700, which had been in the left pocket of his trousers.

    Mr Xie made a police report upon being discharged from hospital.

    An X-ray revealed that his toe is fractured. He is resting at a friend's house, having taken 19 days of sick leave.

    "Although I can walk, the sole of my foot still aches," said the chef, who earns $2,300 a month.

    His left big toe bears a long scar, and the flesh is swollen and oozing pus.

    Mr Xie is hoping that the taxi driver - whom he describes as being a short-haired, slim Malay man about 30 years old - would come forward to shed light on the incident.

    He is also appealing for the good Samaritan who helped him to come forward to provide more information.

    A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said that a man was taken to Alexandra Hospital at 4.46am on Feb 14.

    The police confirmed that Mr Xie has made a report and said investigations are ongoing.