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Forest City works under way

CONTENTIOUS SITE: A view of the Second Link from the Johor side. A Johor official said that the reclamation works near the Second Link did not require an EIA report as the area to be reclaimed was not more than 50 acres.


    Jun 24, 2014

    Forest City works under way


    RECLAMATION works for the mega project, Forest City, that Singapore has expressed concern about, does not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report and works are already under way, said a Malaysian official.

    China property developer Country Garden Holdings has bought land in the southern Malaysian state of Johor to build luxury homes. Its plans include the creation of a man-made island that could extend under the Second Link at Tuas.

    According to the Johor director of the Department of Environment, Mokhtar Abdul Majid, reclamation works at the Johor Strait, near the Second Link, involve only an area measuring acres about 20ha (49 acres), Bernama said.

    Mr Mokhtar said that the reclamation works began in early March and could to be completed within eight months.

    "As the area (to be) reclaimed is not more than 50 acres, it (the project) does not require the EIA report," he told Bernama yesterday.

    Earlier reports said the project involved 2,023ha to be reclaimed from the sea.

    The Edge Review magazine said in a report last month that the man-made island may be dissected by canals into smaller parcels to get around the legal need for environmental impact studies.

    The report also said that Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar is behind the project, and that it is being actively promoted by powerful Johor politicians.

    A Sunday Times report said that Singapore has asked for more information so it can study the possible impact on the Republic and the Johor Strait.

    Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told The Sunday Times: "Given Johor's close proximity to Singapore, we are naturally concerned about any possible transboundary impact on Singapore from property development projects that involve reclamation works in the Strait of Johor."