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    Feb 10, 2014

    Flappy Bird's wings clipped - by developer

    THE Flappy Bird frenzy came to a sudden end yesterday when developer Dong Nguyen removed the game from mobile app stores at midnight.

    Despite reportedly earning tens of thousands a day from the simply designed game, Mr Nguyen tweeted on Saturday that he would be taking Flappy Bird down.

    "I am sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this any more," he said in his tweet.

    He clarified: "It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it any more."

    He added: "I also don't sell Flappy Bird, please don't ask. And I still make games."

    Earlier, he had tweeted: "I can call Flappy Bird a success of mine. But it also ruined my simple life. So now I hate it."

    Up until its removal, the game remained No. 1 on the iTunes and Google Play charts.